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Oct 3, 2012 9:00pm EDT
talked about ann romney being on the trail. there were a lot of little moments in the debate where he was clearly trying to bring out the more human side to appeal to voters, womens, independents, people who you say may have seen him as a little stiff. >> woodruff: is it too early to ask both of you how you think the campaigns sense this debate is going to change anything going forward in the days to come, ari? >> just hearing from the romney campaign it sound like they got what they wanted to out of tonight. they, obviously, have work to do. they're behind in the polls. they need to make up a lot of ground. but i don't think anybody scored a lethal blow tonight. i don't think anyone made a huge gaffe tonight. but from the perspective of the romney campaign they feel like they accomplished what they needed to do. >> ifill: scott, how many eggs did the obama campaign put in this basket? >> negotiate the obama campaign was really just trying not to make a major mistake here. they came in to tas ari said, a small advantage. they just didn't want to lose too much ground but they've also b
Sep 28, 2012 7:00pm EDT
played into a stereotype that already existed. and they have a narrative about romney that he was out of touch. my wife ann drives two cadillacs. you want to bet $10,000 he said to rick perry, that tied in. and the 47% speech that he gave on tape just reinforced that about people's already thought. >> woodruff: how do you see that. >> yeah, first of all, i think mitt romney does have a rose garden near the croquet field on one of his many he states. i agree with that. what is unique about there is he is the first candidate whose unfavourable ratings are higher than his favorable ratings. >> woodruff: first candidate ever. >> since we've started polling this sort of thing. >> that's right. >> so al gore had a plus 22 rating even in a losing campaign, john mccain i think was about plus 16. and mitt romney according to pew was minus 5. and so that is, that is a problem. nonetheless, the romney-- barack obama is no walk in the park either. >> huh-uh. >> and so hits people think he deserves to be re-elected, is the country headed in the right direction, those numbers are terrible too. >> t
Sep 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
you, these wounds are self-inflicted. "you want to bet $10,000, rick perry?" "ann drives a couple of cadillac's." "car elevator in our home at." "i like to fire people." these were not drafted by the obama campaign. these were voluntarily offered by mitt romney, the candidate -- >> and he has taken responsibility for that. >> the reason he has not laid that out is that there are a bunch of studies that disputed, people say, you take away mortgage deductions, and suddenly people are up in arms. >> not necessarily true. people to a certain amount can only deduct up to 2% of income -- >> now you are into the weeds, though. >> it is not the weeds, it is the facts. >> let's get into the weeds. >> will there be changes at the top? >> there are critics and cheerleaders. people all the frustration -- > -- people of all different persuasions -- >> no changes? >> every day there are improvements. muir.t is abc's david some say that the polls are to skewed towards the president. >> the preponderance of the evidence seems to be that romney is losing. i am sure mitt romney's own internal polls te
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)